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Inulin & Well-being

Intestinal flora and its role in a better health

In recent years, the interest in the importance that intestinal microflora has, in relation to health, has grown significantly.  This interest has developed from understanding the growth of micro organisms in the colon where the beneficial flora predominates, which is not pathogenic and is healthy, and protects the body in a natural way developing a resistance against the pathogenic bacteria.

The human colon is by far the most inhabited region of the digestive tract with over 10^12 bacteria for every gram of intestinal content, made up of over 100 different types of bacteria, in which some are beneficial or potentially pathogenic. Normally, both types are in equilibrium and intervene directly in the digestion process of foods and the production of energy.

Some of the main beneficial bacteria are bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, where the former makes up around a third of the total bacteria population in the intestinal tract. This is why these bifidobacteria are the microflora that gives intestinal stability to human beings

Beneficial microflora plays an important role in the immunological reaction of the human being because it helps fight infections. The predominant bacterium in babies is bifidobacteria and it is believed that this is because of breast milk taken during nursing, which contributes to having great protection against disease. Adults also have bifidobacteria in their intestines, but in a lesser quantity.

Inulin as a source of well-being

Nutrition is an important factor to prevent disease and maintain health. The food we consume on a regular basis must be correctly combined or complemented with concentrated natural extracts to provide the nutrients that we require for this purpose.

A well functioning digestive system is the key, and its health depends on maintaining an abundant colony of beneficial intestinal flora and absorbing the healthy substances in foods, which impacts your health and your organism’s general well being.

A typical lifestyle and diet lacks a certain quantity of basic ingredients, those of which we have to search for in the diet supplements of a vegetable origin like INULIN.

Consuming this prebiotic ingredient has diverse benefits to the human organism:

• It protects and produces equilibrium in the intestine, multiplying and stimulating the beneficial flora activity (bifidus and acidofilus).

• Produces small chain fatty acids (butyric and folic) and bile acids that decompose the cholesterol that is built up in the liver and blood, which reduces risk of heart failure.

• Considerably increases the absorption of minerals, specially calcium, which reduces the risk of osteoporosis.

• Eliminates constipation and maintains the walls of the digestive tract healthy, avoiding colitis and gastric dysfunctions.

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